CARDO, offers property development management services for clients interested in developing or investing in the sector. Our expert team comprises architects, town planners, development managers, project managers, and property lawyers. Handling all aspects of development, including assessment, project viability, design oversight, regulatory navigation, and involvement in the ECI phase, we culminate in obtaining the OC. Our focus remains on delivering high-quality construction, prioritising workplace safety and meeting regulatory obligations such as duty of care and risk assessment. Using customised assessment approaches, we excel in identifying and mitigating risks linked to work methods and building components, ensuring the implementation of effective control measures.

We prioritise quality development through the following milestones: –
Milestone 1: Initial evaluation & feasibility study
Milestone 2: Design planning & approval process (DA/CC/ECI)
Milestone 3: Design refinement & contractor selection (DM/PM)
Milestone 4: Construction oversight & marketing
Milestone 5: Project completion & handover (OC)

Our specialised areas of expertise include:
Luxury high-end apartments: Experience luxury living at its finest with Cardo’s meticulously crafted high-end apartments. From lavish lobbies to personalised concierge services, we promise an unparalleled living experience.
Mixed-use developments: At Cardo, we specialise in developing mixed-use developments that serve as vibrant community hubs. Offering essential retail services, recreational spaces, and a variety of apartment options, our developments foster thriving communities where everything you need is within reach.
Senior living and affordable housing: Cardo offers a range of housing solutions designed for inclusivity and accessibility. Whether you’re seeking senior living communities or affordable housing options, we provide a comfortable environment for individuals and families to come together and call home.
Commercial offices: Elevate your business with Cardo’s modern office spaces tailored to meet diverse needs. Whether you require a dedicated headquarters or flexible coworking spaces, our commercial offices offer functionality and sophistication, complemented by onsite amenities for added convenience.
Hotels: Cardo specialises in boutique hotels in prime Sydney areas, collaborating with top consultants to ensure exceptional service tailored to diverse guests.
Co-living spaces: Cardo has pioneered a novel approach to co-living spaces, wherein residents share living spaces under expert supervision, nurturing a community built on shared values and convenience, complete with inclusive luxury amenities. We advocate that communal living is the path to future progress, innovation, affordability, and enriched community engagement.

Our current project under management

Date: 15/03/2024
Address: 30-34 May St, St Peters NSW
Product: Hotel development
Council: Inner West Council (NSW)
Description of Hotel Development: Demolition of existing improvements on the site, and construction of 2 levels of basement containing 31 car parking spaces, 6 motorcycle parking spaces, loading bay, hotel storage, and servicing areas ground floor level containing a commercial tenancy, hotel lobby, office, reception, and lounge areas, 6 bicycle parking spaces, 5 hotel rooms, and rear common open space/landscaped area. overall, the project is 4 levels of hotel use containing 78 rooms (83 in total) with 79 x studio rooms and 4 x 1-bedroom rooms.

Cardo’s role: Development Management
Services provided by Cardo: Milestones 2-5
Project Status: In Milestone 2
– Architect nominated for CC documentation and submission.
– Quotes requested from all consultants for the job and currently under review.
– Hospitality consultant engaged for hotel forecasting and operator selection campaign
– Construction funding and financing under preparation
– Builder’s tendering for the ECI and cost plan conducted.
– Quantity surveying (QS) requested and underway